Ecological Materials

Most of the environmental impact of fashion production comes from the production of raw materials. Therefore, our goal is to reduce the need for new raw material production.

Our selection in online shop consists of products, that are made from recycled, reused or local renewable materials.


Some of the products are made from recycled fibers into new yarn by processing, for example, utilizing cutting waste from the textile industry. This is how they arise, for example Pure Waste products.

Cotton cutting waste is also used in the production of Tencel Refibra, which combines wood fiber with cotton chips. Refibra is used in its collections Vuurran.

The cup material is also derived from the cotton plant. The fluff that remains in the manufacture of cotton fiber, covering the seeds, can be processed into a cupro, which is a silky shiny, even luxurious material. Hump ​​is found TAUKOn knitted dresses ja Mahla Clothing range.

In addition to textiles, our range includes products whose raw material comes from other industries. Such are leather, originating in the food industry, as well as e.g. seat belts from car dismantling yards or bottle caps ja fish skin Restaurants.


Some of the products are made from ready made fabrics. These may include surplus items from other apparel industries, or other discarded textiles.

Anette Ahokas Design ja Mahla Clothing manufacture their garments from surplus fabrics for the clothing industry, which are used as such for new products.

Pause Design while mainly utilizing discarded rental textiles that are dyed and sewn into clothing.

Second Hand

The clothes we already use have a large stock of raw materials. You can find in our selection used clothes, which still have a lifetime remaining as such, but which have become redundant for their previous owners.

Used clothes can also be utilized by modifying them. Remake of Helsinki The material of the MEM collections is exclusively used clothes, the parts of which are used to make new clothes.

Also Piece of Jeans products made exclusively from used jeans. The jeans are cut into pieces, which are sewn again into a new patchwork fabric.

Also Pure Waste to include raw materials from used clothing in the products of its POST WASTE collection. Clothes used in the Post Waste method are re-unpacked into fibers, which are spun together with other recycled materials into new yarn.


Sometimes we also offer virgin materials in our range. These are materials that can be produced locally in Europe without unsustainable environmental or social impacts.

Currently, our range includes renewable certified Finnish birch plywood for use in jewelery Kajoan Design, and Finnish reindeer leather Manner's jewelery.