Aiming for more sustainable fashion consumption and production

The goal of Upcycler's operations is to promote more sustainable fashion production through the circular economy.

By making it easier to find recyclable fashion and telling them about the environmental impact of fashion production, customers are also offered the opportunity to make more ecologically sustainable choices.

Upcycler Helsinki has the Finnish Association of Labor's Social Enterprise Certificate

Upcycler Helsinki has a Social Enterprise Certificate issued by the Finnish Labor Union.

Responsible selection

The production of raw materials plays a major role in creating the environmental burden of fashion. Currently, the majority of the clothing we wear is made from new materials, although at the same time we produce large amounts of textile waste. Use of recycled materials reduce the need for new raw material production and the generation of textile waste.

The online store’s selection consists of clothing, bags and jewelry made from recycled, reused, or local renewable materials. This avoids the production of new raw materials that are harmful to the environment.

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The selection is rather narrow and includes both individual pieces and custom products. In this way, I try to ensure that, for my part, I do not cause overproduction. 

I also strive to reduce waste textiles through the quality and timelessness of the range. I hope you find a selection of long-lasting favorite clothes and credit accessories.

In addition to remanufactured products, Selected second hand finds also get a new opportunity in the online store.

Member of Finnish Eco-Entrepreneurs

Supporting local businesses

The ecological nature of the material itself is not enough to make the product ecological, but the entire manufacturing process affects how the environmental load of the garment or accessory is eventually formed.

As a Finnish company, I want to support the opportunities for fashion designers to operate in Finland and thereby diversify the options available to consumers on the market. Upcycler favors domestic clothing brands and small businesses with the will and ability to make their products as ecologically as possible from material selection to finishing. 

The production chain of small companies operating nearby is short, making it easier to verify both ecological and ethical responsibility.

Locality also helps reduce the carbon footprint. Transport distances are short, and many of the products in the range have arrived at Upcycler's warehouse even on foot or by bike:)


I strive to provide as much information as possible about the materials and workmanship of the products, as well as the special features that make the product selected for Upcycler. 

Countries of origin of recycled materials and countries of manufacture of products 

Energy consumption

Upcycler shares storage space with another Eastern Helsinki company. The warehouse has its own solar panels, which produce enough energy to cover energy consumption during the light seasons. In winter we use ground heat.

In daily work, transport journeys are minimized and transports from the warehouse to the mailing point are made throughout the year mainly by cycling and walking.

Responsibility in e-commerce deliveries

All orders are mailed from Finland. Most depart from Upcycler's warehouse in eastern Helsinki. Deliveries are packed in recyclable cardboard boxes or paper or cardboard envelopes. The majority, about 90% of packaging materials are already recycled in themselves and can be further recycled. Products are not individually packaged in plastic. Some of the products are mailed by the product manufacturer from his own warehouse.

I want to avoid unnecessary transportation of products. Upcycler delivers products to Europe, but global shipments are not part of the range. 

In addition, I make a donation for every outgoing order To to grow a carbon sink to Karhulansuo in Kouvola. 

Approved by independent accountability panels 


In November 2020, a service inspiring more sustainable lifestyles was launched buy An independent responsibility panel approved Upcycler as a whole for the service with the concept of "Sustainable Clothing Service". 

The Sustainability Panel assesses the responsibility and sustainability of products and services in relation to reference products in the same product category, as well as how the products enable a sustainable lifestyle. 


responsible clothing

Pioneers in the sustainable textile industry in Finland

Upcycler can also be found in the Finix project List of pioneers in the sustainable textile sector in Finlandlta. The Finix project operates under the auspices of Aalto University and studies the sustainability of the textile industry.

The criteria for admission to the list are the use of recycled materials, a business strategy to reduce the use of materials and actions to ensure the longevity of the product. 

Planet Company

Upcycler's product range based on recycling is also evaluated and approved by Planet Company Planet Act.