The major climate impact of fashion comes from the production of raw materials. Therefore, our goal is to reduce the need for new material production that is a burden on nature.

The selection of our online store consists of products that have been manufactured with ecological material in mind through the recycling or reuse of the material, as well as the most environmentally friendly and transparent production method possible.

We tell you about the different recycled materials for the products sold in our online store here:

Our range is narrow and consists of varieting capsules. This is to ensure that we do not contribute to overproduction. We also strive to reduce the waste of textiles through the quality and timelessness of our range.

In addition to new products, selected second hand pieces will have a new chancec in our online store.


We strive to provide as much information as possible on the materials and manufacture of the products, and on the specific features they are chosen for our shop for.

A summary of the authors of the products for sale can be found here:

    More detailed descriptions of the companies can be found here:

      Supporting local production and entrepreneurship

      As a Finnish company, we want to support the fashion makers' ability to operate here up North also and thereby diversify the options available to consumers on the market. Thus, all of our online store brands are currently Finnish.

      Sourcing local also contributes to reducing the carbon footprint. Transport distances are short, and many of our products have arrived at our warehouse even on foot or by bike:)

      We are sharing the warehouse with another company in eastern Helsinki. Our storage uses solar energy and geothermal heat.

      Responsibility in e-commerce deliveries

      Our deliveries are packed in recyclable cardboard boxes. Some of the packaging material itself is already recycled and all can be recycled again. The products are not individually wrapped in plastic.

      We want to avoid unnecessary transportation of products. We ship to Europe, but global shipments are not part of our range.

      In addition, we make a donation for each outgoing order to increase the carbon sink to Karhulansuo in Kouvola.

      #-Resistant clothing

      On April 29.4.2020, XNUMX, we reached the Finix project Pioneers in the sustainable textile sector in Finland. The Finix project operates under the auspices of Aalto University and studied the sustainability of the textile industry.

      The criteria for admission to the list are the use of recycled materials, a business strategy to reduce the use of materials and actions to ensure the longevity of the product. Manufacturing in Finland or neighboring areas is a support criterion that employs, strengthens expertise in the field in Finland and, almost without exception, ensures the realization of human rights in manufacturing.

      Upcycler is listed in categories:

      • significant use of recycled and surplus materials
      • opened its supply chain
      • plan and action to ensure the longevity of the products
      #-Resistant clothing