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Upcycler is not only an online store and loan company, but also a company that offers responsibility communication services.

Responsibility issues have been the content of every day of my work since the founding of Upcycler. Before that, they were a reason and an incentive to leave my paid job in an international fashion store and become a self-employed person.

Maj-Lis Viitanen is an entrepreneur and a responsible influencer

I would venture to argue that many of the thoughts and uncertainties that a small business owner experiences with responsibility issues have sometimes occurred to me as well. That’s why I’m happy to help other entrepreneurs articulate and structure the message on their websites.

To help your company communicate responsibly

Responsibility is an important part not only of the company's operations, but also of communication. You can and should invest in responsibility communication even when responsibility work is still in progress - everyone has it to some extent!

Informative, concrete information responsibility pages tell your customers how ecology and ethics are realized in your company. Responsibility pages do not have to be extensive, but relevant information must be easily accessible and understandable to the target group. 

Services for small businesses

My service is especially aimed at small businesses. If the activity is quite small, business consulting can easily seem oversized to your needs. 

You can contact me when the responsibility pages or similar content are still completely missing, or you need help developing existing content.

You get help even when you just need a sparrer, feedback, or a small file on your site. The puzzles aren’t always very big, but you may need outside vision to get ahead. Whether you need sparring or a responsibility content creator, I’ll be happy to help.


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Other collaborations 

I also like to make other communities. You can stay in touch when your blog needs a guest pen, an article for an interviewee, or a speaker for your event.

Maj-Lis Viitanen influencer of responsibility
In the expert panel Garment is power
in January 2021.
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