Responsibility communication for small businesses

Upcycler is not only an online store, but also a company that offers responsibility communication services.

Responsibility issues have been the content of every day of my work since the founding of Upcycler. Before that, they were the reason and the urge to leave my paid job in an international fashion store and become an entrepreneur.

Maj-Lis Viitanen is an entrepreneur
On this site, an entrepreneur works in both e-commerce and content production Maj-Lis Viitanen.

Through my work, I have found that corporate responsibility descriptions are often quite incomplete and therefore it is difficult to find suitable products for an online store selection. The reasons are well understood:

  • uncertainty about the right kind of content
  • lack of time
  • difficulty in producing text
  • difficulty seeing the need for information from an outside perspective
  • experience of incompleteness in matters of responsibility

I would venture to argue that many of the thoughts and uncertainties that a small business owner experiences with responsibility issues have sometimes occurred to my mind as well. That’s why I want to help other entrepreneurs articulate and structure the message on their websites.

Online course, content production or sparring

You can contact me when the responsibility pages or similar content are still completely missing, or you need help developing existing content.

You will find an online course in my services to support your writing, a ready-made content production service, or lighter sparring.


Online course

The Responsibility for Words online course will guide you to write a description of responsibility on your company's website that matches the relevant themes in the industry.

The course is especially aimed at small businesses that manufacture or sell physical products.

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Content production

A content production service meets your needs when you need pre-written content.

The text is implemented to look and size like a company, in collaboration with you.

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A small entrepreneur is alone in many things. Sometimes an outside perspective or feedback helps clarify the direction of the work. In sparring, you get support and help from a colleague who is familiar with the topic of responsibility.

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Tips and discussion on responsibility issues. Join us!


Upcycler Helsinki is an online store and a small Finnish company offering content production services. You can always contact us to ask about the course or services: