Reference works -Kaisa Turtiainen

In my own words, in my own style

Kaisa Turtiainen's colorful and happy clothing brand needed information about responsibility on its website. My own bohemian style seemed to conflict with the general style of the responsibility pages. 

We made Kaisa’s responsibility page an equally bubbling entrepreneur himself, using our own words and phrases instead of official, reportable pages. The page is a story about Kaisa's work, process and world of thought behind colorful fabrics and clothes.

Excerpt from the work:

"Those who have visited my study know that there is no room for mass fashion. However, that is not the only reason why clothes are only made in small batches as needed. I want the clothes not to be made in vain! It is wonderful that every garment gets entangled in it. loving body. "

Read the full text: Kaisa Turtiainen -Responsibility

Feedback on the work

"It was kind of a really wonderful and effortless thing.  

I really had a need for this because I had received feedback on the lack of talk and I myself, already working in the field, was aware of the shortcomings. The end result is good, exactly what I missed.

To be honest, I would certainly have squeezed this in some way myself, but sometimes just using an outsider to think things through is the best solution. When I make texts myself, I may not always see the right priorities for things. It was good that I was able to pour everything that came to my mind and then you filtered out the good points from there. "  -Kaisa Turtiainen