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Upcycler Helsinki is a one-woman attempt to change the world in a more sustainable direction.

Olen erityisen äiti, vaimo, tytär, sisko ja täti. Ratkaisukeskeinen insinöörimieli ja kauneutta rakastava esteetikko.

I am a fashion designer by training, but the fashion store already took me straight from school. Department store, wholesale, sales coaching, operational management, chain management. Domestic and international company.

When business as usual was no longer an option

My path as I had known it had been completed in the fall of 2019. I questioned my own consumption, my own work, and my entire field to the point where I could no longer stand behind my own doing. 

“Our House is on Fire,” said Greta Thunberg. Why do we not behave, as in a crisis? The question was eye-opening for me.

Climate change is not adapting to our business, we need to make bold changes to our own actions

I thought about my place in the fashion world and wanted to be part of the solution. Some of us channel our desire for change by striving to be decision makers, some organize demonstrations, some become entrepreneurs. I chose the last one.

I am often asked if it was scary to become an entrepreneur? When I think about it, at least I don’t remember being scared. I'm not an entrepreneur. I was much more afraid that I would just let time go by and regret it later that I didn’t make any changes. One day I would have to admit to my child that I did have information, but I still did nothing.

I am infinitely grateful to everyone who has traveled with me on the Upcycler journey. Ordered from the online store, contacted, followed on various channels and recommended to friends. You are more expensive than gold.


Maj-Lis Viitanen thank you to my customers


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