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Backpack Capacity

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The impressive and stylish Capacity backpack is the newest addition to the Cuitu product range and a true all-rounder.

The spacious backpack also needs to be converted into a bag model thanks to the versatile strap attachments. Pages can also be combined with smaller ones Combobags.

There is a pocket and a computer pocket inside the backpack.

Size: 45 cm x 35 cm x 15 cm


  • the fabric is recycled polyester / nylon from Finland.
  • straps: nylon 86%, polyester 14%. Country of manufacture Italy. 
  • buckles: steel buckles may contain small amounts of nickel or copper. Manufacturing countries: Sweden and Italy.

Manufacturer: Osuuskunta Fabriikki8 / Männistö & Takalo. Turku

The product is made to order and has a delivery time of about 4 weeks.

Why is this bag a more ecological choice?

The production of new material always consumes natural resources. The fabric of the bag is reused, so no new material production is needed.

The origin of the material is Finland and the product is also sewn in Finland. This keeps transport distances to a minimum. 

Special attention has also been paid to the responsibility of newly acquired parts (zippers, straps and buckles).

What do we know about product ethics?

The new parts of the bag, zippers and metals, are sourced from Europe and the bag is manufactured in Finland. Legislation in European countries ensures adequate pay, occupational safety and working conditions.

Other special:

Because the bags are made to order only, it is ensured that each bag has a happy owner and no overproduction occurs.

The backpack contains a NFC chip that can be scanned by phone, which contains information about the production chain and the maintenance of the backpack.