Kangasmaski, Rå Wear

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Rå Wear fabric masks are batik-dyed, double cotton. Adjustable elastic bands. Three different sizes. The S-size is suitable for a slender-faced adult or young person. The M-size is the most common size for women.
Made in Helsinki, Finland

Currently, the WHO recommends using the mask when moving in public places. The government, THL and many experts also recommend the use of masks when safety clearances are more difficult to maintain, for example on public transport.

Fabric masks are not personal protective equipment. Nor do they replace protective equipment used in hospital care and thus do not provide protection against viruses. However, using a cloth mask can protect others, as it can reduce the spread of drops caused by coughing and sneezing.


Wash minim. At 60 degrees. You can also boil a pot of soapy water and soak the used mask in almost boiling water for a few minutes. Allow the mask to dry completely before the next use. Also, be sure to wash the mask before using it for the first time. Over time, the colors of the mask may fade and the elasticity of the rubber bands may suffer if you wash the mask frequently by cooking.

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