Culottes Ilmatar. Vuurran

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Perfect pants for summer days - Culottes pants with a straight, wide leg and an elastic waist. The fabric is inelastic, flowing and has a soft surface.

The pants are made to order, so you can get them with your own measurements, having the perfect leg length for you.

You can also choose whether you want the pants with or without pockets (price 170 euros) (price 145 euros). 

Material: Tencel Refibra fabric. 30% of the fiber raw material is recycled cotton from cutting waste in the clothing industry, and 70% is wood fiber. The fabric is made in Austria.

Washing instructions: 30⁰C delicate wash.

Manufacturing: designing and sewing in Turku, Finland.

Made to order. Delivery time is about 10 working days, including postage. 


The table of dimensions shows on a white background the dimensions of the body for which the size in question is suitable, and on a black background the dimensions of the garment.

Measure your waist and hip circumference and compare the measurements to the body measurements on the white background in the table. Choose a suitable size so that your hip circumference is below the stated upper limit and your waist is within the size range.

The waist of the trousers is zoned at the narrowest part of the waist. 

The model is wearing pants with a leg length of 79 cm. Veera is 164cm tall, her side is 100cm long, her waist is 80cm and her hips are 104cm. 

The trousers are made to order and can be customized to suit your own measurements, if necessary. 

Waist circumference with own dimensions:

Write In the "Special instructions for the seller" section of the shopping cart, if you want pants with a different length of waistband. The size of the waist should be 3-15 cm larger than the size of the elastic band so that the pants do not run down.  

Leg length with own measurements:

You can measure the appropriate length by measuring down from the narrowest part of the waist along the side of the body. Or from the point where you usually like your pants. Write In the "Special instructions for the seller" section of the shopping cart, if you want pants with a shorter or longer leg. Enter the desired length, taking into account that the fabric shrinks in the first wash and the dimension shortens by approx. 2-3 cm.