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Jeans, Piece of Jeans

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Apron of used jeans. The apron is suitable for both cooking and workshops. The phone also comes with a handy pocket.

The apron is a body-hugging, one-size-fits-all model that is suitable for both men and women. Long cords can be tied either front or back.

Measurements: Apron width 60cm, height 53cm. Measurement of one cord: 105cm. 

Material: reused, washed and disinfected jeans from Finland.

Care instructions: The jeans last the longest when washed by hand and the stains leave best when fresh. Machine washable temperature up to 40 degrees. Wash with the same shades, without fabric softener and tumble dryer. The products can be ironed (2 points), which further softens the surface of the fabric. 

Country of manufacture: Poland (EU)