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  • Denim tunic from recycled jeans
  • Domestic jeans tunic from recycled jeans
  • Sleeveless tunic from recycled jeans
  • The shattering edge is a decorative detail of the jeans tunic
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MEA Upcycle Studio

Denim tunic FRINGE

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The FRINGE tunic plays with the tearing edge of the fabric, leaving it decorative. However, the fabric does not unravel due to the tight stitching and fair seam allowance.

The straight tunic is suitable for many body types. The spacious handrail makes it possible to put on a leotard or collared shirt, for example.

There are no two of them alike, as the color tones of the jeans and the placement of the pieces are realized in each garment individually.

Material: 100% recycled jeans from Finland. NOTE! The jeans are inelastic, which is worth considering when choosing a size.

Manufacturing: manufactured in Finland by Orivesi.

The tunic is made to order and takes about 7 working days to complete.

Why is this a greener option?

The production of one pair of jeans made of new cotton consumes more than 10 liters of drinking water and a large amount of chemicals needed for cultivation. By reusing jeans that are no longer needed in Finland, both natural resources are saved and the amount of textile waste generated is reduced. MEA upcycle studio mainly uses unsuitable jeans, such as broken jeans, which are sorted for the studio by Nextiili in Tampere. The MEA upcycle studio also receives broken and unnecessary clothing directly from consumers.

Before working on, the jeans are cleaned by washing.

What about ethics?

MEA upcycle studio products are manufactured by designer and artisan Elina Korri. The products have the Key Flag symbol issued by the Finnish Labor Union.