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  • Lilac summer pants with tencel refibra
  • Purple trouser skirt in ecological tencel refibra
  • Lilac women's summer pants
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The inventive trouser skirt model is feminine, sincere and personal. 

The fabric is inelastic, descending and has a soft surface. It feels soft on the skin, breathes well, and does not electrify. The elastic waist completes the comfort.

Material: Tencel Refibra fabric. 30% of the fiber raw material is recycled cotton and 70% wood fiber. The fabric is made in Austria.

Washing instructions: 30⁰C delicate wash.

Manufacturing: designing and sewing in Turku, Finland.

Made to order. Delivery time is about 10 working days, including postage. 

Why is this a greener option?

  • Contains recycled material. 30% of Tencel Refibra's raw material is recycled cotton from textile waste and 70% wood fiber. 
  • A more ecological production method. Tencel is a modified fiber whose manufacturing method has been developed to be more environmentally friendly than other modified fibers. The manufacturing process takes place in a closed loop where the chemicals are recycled 99,5% back and used over and over again. The manufacturing process also consumes less water and energy than the manufacturing of other modified fibers. The resulting wastewater is non-hazardous and the process does not involve any significant environmental emissions.  

What about ethics?

Manufacturing in the EU. Legislation in European countries ensures adequate pay, occupational safety and working conditions.

Other special

The garment is made to order, so that there is no overproduction and the fabric can be used more efficiently to make the right kind of garment for the customer.


The table of dimensions shows on a white background the dimensions of the body for which the size in question is suitable, and on a black background the dimensions of the garment.

  • Measure your waist and hips around you
  • Compare the measurements in the table to the body measurements on a white background.
  • Choose a suitable size so that your hip circumference is below the stated upper limit and your waist is within the size range.

The waist of the trousers is zoned at the narrowest part of the waist. 

Vuurran Culottes sizing chart

Can't find the right size?

To change the waist circumference:

  • Write in the shopping cart under "Special instructions for the seller" your desire for a change in circumference and your own waist circumference (cm).

To change the leg length:

Measure the appropriate length of the leg from the waist down along the side of the body and add 2-3 cm of shrinkage. Write In the "Special instructions for the seller" section of the shopping cart your wishes for a change in the size of the leg and the desired length of the leg (cm).

If you find it difficult to choose a size, please contact us :)