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  • Burgundy unisex hoodie. Bohemian Insanity.
  • Red hoodie. Made from used clothing. Unisex model.
  • Burgundy hoodie, unisex model. Made from recycled materials.
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Bohemian Insanity

Hoodie Rönsy. Size S

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Rönsy hoodie in burgundy shades. Bohemian Insanity logo print on the front and an interesting detail of the Hood's curved fabric.

Each Rönsy hoodie is unique and the fabrics show a past lived life. 

The hoodie is made of double jersey and is the same thickness as a college. Elasticated hem and cuffs. The model is unisex-so please check the dimensions of the garment from the size chart.

Material: recycled knitwear (Finland)

Produced by Heli Kuula in Hämeenlinna.

Why is this product a greener choice?

Making a new fabric always consumes natural resources. This hoodie has been made from discarded fabric, which has gained more life as a garment.

Energy demand and transportation distances are low when both material procurement and manufacturing take place as local production in a small business.

What about ethics?

Bohemian Insanity receives used materials mainly as a donation and makes individual recycled products from them. Manufacturing takes place entirely in Finland and all products are manufactured by entrepreneur Heli Kuula. Products have a Key Flag ID.

How do I take care of my hoodie?

The fabrics of the hoodie do not shrink and you can wash your clothes in a 40 degree water wash. Print patterns last best when the garment is washed upside down.


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