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TAUKO Design

Party dress Hue, black

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Elegant party dress for a black friend. The silk-gloss knit makes the dress sophisticated and light in essence.

Midi size is a topical and always suitable choice for the occasion.

The plant-based cupro is a comfortable, breathable and non-electrifying material. The sleeves and curve are lace-like knit and other denser and more opaque knit. The dress can be washed at 30 degrees.

The dress can be worn in two different ways: there is a V-neckline on one side and a straight one on the other side.

Material: 100% cupro. Country of origin Italy.

Manufacture: Knitted, cut and sewn as local production in Tuusula.

Also available beige color option.

Why is this a greener option?

Kupro is made from cellulose fiber, which is a by-product of cotton production and is not used in the manufacture of cotton. In this way, the cotton plant can be better utilized.

The use of water, energy and chemicals in the manufacturing process is minimized.

What about ethics?

The product is manufactured in the EU area where care is taken legislation on adequate pay, occupational safety and working conditions.

Other special

 A hue dress is also available Rental Service in a selection of sizes SL.


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