Canvas shoulder bag, Globe Hope

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Just the right size small but spacious shoulder bag. Space for example, a half-liter beverage bottle horizontally. Cotton fabric padded on the sides to be sturdy. 

  • detachable and adjustbale shoulder strap
  • one zipper pocket on the outside and one inside
  • Click on the key

Size: 25 x 18,5 x 7 cm

Note! No leather trim on the zipper as in the first picture.

Material: Army surplus fabric (Sweden / Central Europe), cotton strap

Manufacturing: The material has been cleaned and sorted in Finland. Stitched in Estonia.

Why is this a greener option?

Reusing high-quality textiles saves resources from the production of new raw materials. As the life cycle of the material is extended, the amount of Textile that becomes waste is also reduced.

What about ethics?

The bag is manufactured in the EU, where it is taken care of by legislation adequate pay, occupational safety and working conditions.

Globe Hope's products have been awarded the Design from Finland and Avainlippu logos that support Finnish employment.