Durable bag for food storage, Bee Clever

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The durable bag is a storage bag coated with beeswax, which is suitable for storing and freezing food. The bag is convenient for transporting snacks and storing fruits and vegetables, for example.

The pattern of the bag is graphic black-white-yellow and the pattern is applied individually in each bag.

The dimensions of the bag are 26 x 28 cm. 

Material: The bag is made of recycled fabrics and treated with beeswax. When decommissioned, the bag can be disposed of by composting. 

The product meets the strict requirements for food contact material.

Manufacture: Manufactured in Finland by Orilattila Mesilä Isä and Poika Ay, and Liisa-Helinä Tmi

Instructions for use: The film forms from the heat of the hand and solidifies in the cold. Cleanafter use with lukewarm water and a drop of dishwashing liquid. Not suitable for raw fish or meat.

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