Earrings Flake, Pitu Woodellery

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FLAKES earrings are boho style and natural rough.

Jewelry combines different natural materials. The hooks are made of surgical steel.

  • Size: 4,5cm with hooks
  • Packing: Long Woodellery jewelry box

Material: Alder, undyed leather strap and cotton yarn. Alder is a carpenter's surplus from Finland. 

Preparation: The wood is turned round by hand and sawn into discs. The wood gets a colorless oil on its surface. The flake pattern is stitched into the jewelry with a needle and cotton thread. 

The jewelery is manufactured by Pitja Simi in Oulainen, Finland. The delivery time of the jewelry is 2-5 days.

Watch the video, when Pitja talks about making jewelry flakes.

A necklace is also available in the FLAKES series