Earrings Lätkä mini, Pitu Woodellery

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LÄTKÄ mini is a timeless and style-reduced wooden jewel from Scandinavian minimalism at its best.

The striping of the wood creates a strong contrast to the simple design. The lightly oiled surface emphasizes the beauty and texture of the wood. The darker stripes at the bottom are a special detail of this jewelry. 

Size: wooden disc diameter 2cm, with the whole hook approx. 3,5cm. 

You can choose either a hook or a pin as the metal part. The pins have a beautiful metal bead as a detail.

Materials: ash, Finnish carpenter's surplus. Metal parts of surgical steel.

Manufacturing: LÄTKÄ mini earrings are made by traditional methods by hand turning. All work steps are done by hand in Pitja Simi Oulainen, Finland.

The delivery time of the jewelry is 2-5 days. Delivered in the Pitu Woodellery jewelry box.

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