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  • Length woodellery wood spilled earrings
  • Length Wodellery wooden teardrop earrings. Flowing by hand from Finnish pine wood.
  • Pitu Woodellery wooden jewelry is made by hand in Finland
  • Handmade wooden earrings. Made by pouring in Finland.
  • Pitu Woodellery wooden jewelry is made in Finland by hand.
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Pitu Woodellery

Earrings Drop

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PISARA has simple design and craftsmanship at its best. Hand carved, polished and oiled jewelry is naturally beautiful and fresh.

Size: 6,5cm with hook. Despite its size, the jewelry is very light, with one earring weighing only about 3 grams.

Hook options include Surgeon Steel and Sterling Silver (925)

Material: Finnish pine

Manufacturing: jewelry is made by hand in Pitja Simi, Oulais, Finland. Delivered in a Pitu Woodellery jewelry box.

Please be aware that it may take a few days for the products to be manufactured.

Why is this jewelry a more ecological choice?

The pine wood used in the drop jewelry is from the author’s own backyard. Much more ecological material than a tree grown wild in your own backyard is hard to imagine! Jewelry made by hand flow.

What about ethics?

The product, made in Finland, supports Finnish entrepreneurship and maintains a handicraft that is already rare. Pitu Woodellery products have the Key Flag logo.

Watch the video, how PISARA jewelry is created in the hands of Pitja.

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