Children's fabric masks in cotton
Children's fabric mask beige
Children's fabric mask with star patterns

Children's fabric mask 2pcs

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Children's fabric masks in cotton.

The fabric is double and in addition in the middle of the third layer pocket, in which you can also put additional insulation. Rubber band fastening.

The masks are delivered in a set of 2 pieces, with 1 piece in black and 1 piece in beige.

Stitched Roihuvuori Sewing Shop in Helsinki.

Fabric masks are not personal protective equipment. Nor do they replace protective equipment used in hospital care and thus do not provide protection against viruses. However, using a cloth mask can protect others, as it can reduce the spread of drops caused by coughing and sneezing.

Care instructions:

Wash masks before use. After use, wash at a minimum of 60 degrees. Over time, the colors of the mask may fade and the elasticity of the rubber bands may suffer if you wash the mask frequently by cooking.