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  • A belt bag that can be used in many ways. Made from recycled materials.
  • Black belt bag with a stylish surface texture. Recycled material.
  • Black belt bag with 2 zipped compartments.
  • Black belt bag with adjustable strap.
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Bag Combo

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The combo bag is compact but spacious. The bag is designed to be versatile and can be used as a belt bag, crossbody or around the neck. 

The detail on the front of the bag and on the strap is a panel-like structure made of recycled materials.

The bag has two separate compartments to keep the items in order. 

The strap is adjustable.

Dimensions: 18 cm x 12 cm x 6 cm


  • The fabric parts are a surplus material from a Finnish bag manufacturer, which is a polyester blend. 
  • Strap in GRS-certified recycled polyester from Italy
  • Insole made of recycled polyester from Finland
  • Steel buckles may contain small amounts of nickel or copper. Manufacturing countries: Sweden and Italy.

Manufacturer: Osuuskunta Fabriikki / Männistö & Takalo, Turku.

Why is this bag a more ecological choice?

The production of new material always consumes natural resources. The fabric of the bag is in surplus, so no new material production is needed.

The origin of the material is Finland and the product is also sewn in Finland. This keeps transport distances to a minimum. 

Special attention has also been paid to the responsibility of newly acquired parts (zippers, straps and buckles).

What do we know about product ethics?

The new parts of the bag, zippers and metals, are sourced from Europe and the bag is manufactured in Finland. Legislation in European countries ensures adequate pay, occupational safety and working conditions.

Other special:

The bag has an embedded NFC chip that provides more information about the product value chain and care instructions.