Dress Powa, Rå Wear. Size 38

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The popular Powa dress now in a showy red color! 

The Powa dress has puff sleeves, a straight design and comfortable pockets.

Material: reused blend fabric. 50% cotton, 30% viscose, 20% polyester

Manufacture: Made in Helsinki.

Why is this garment a more ecological choice?

  • No new material. The production of new material always consumes natural resources. This fabric is reused, so no new fabric was used to make it. 
  • Local production. The fabric has been sourced from Finland and all work steps have been done in Finland.

What about ethics then?

By supporting fashion production in Finland, we not only support Finnish entrepreneurship, but also enable ourselves to offer a more diverse and ecological fashion offer in our market.

Other special

Clothes made from recycled fabrics are individual pieces or small items. Making only small batches does not lead to overproduction.

Measures taken from the cloth:

  • Bust 102 cm
  • waist 118 cm
  • sleeve lenght 38 cm
  • dress length 81 cm