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  • Rå Wear dress with puff sleeves and ruffled hem
  • Rå Wear black dress ecological recycled material
  • Rå Wear sleeved black dress with a wide hem
  • Rå Wear Dream dress
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Rå Wear

Dress Dream

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The multi-purpose Dream dress is now available as a custom product. The rich, ruffled hem and puff sleeves make the Dream sweet and feminine.

  • pockets at the side seams
  • a slit and button on the back for easy wearing 

Material: 60% recycled cotton, 40% recycled polyester. Manufactured by Pure Waste Textiles, India.

The dress is designed, serrated, cut and sewn in Finland.

The dress is made to order and will be completed in about two weeks.

Also available with a shorter hem.

Why is this dress a greener option?

The production of new material always consumes natural resources. The dress is made of Finnish Pure Waste Textiles a fabric the production of which produces a 99% smaller water footprint and a 50% smaller carbon footprint than a similar product made from a new raw material.

What about ethics then?

Pure Waste Textiles' fabric production is GRS certified (Global Recycled Standard). Certification ensures the origin of recycled materials and closely monitors the flow of material from start to finish, ensuring social and environmental conditions and the safe use of chemicals.

The dress is cut and sewn in Finland.


Washing instructions

Washing temperature 40 degrees. Wash with the same color upside down translated.