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  • Length Woodellery wooden stud earrings.
  • Wooden stud earrings Finnish handicraft. Ecological earrings made in Finland.
  • Length woodellery wicker earrings made of birch
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Pitu Woodellery

Stud earrings Visakko

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Visakko buttons are made for the brave and nature children. Each handmade piece of jewelry is different and, like the wearer, has its own unique individual.

The diameter of the button is about 1 cm. You can choose either surgical steel or Sterling silver (925) as metal pins. The jewelry is made using a technology developed by Pitu Woodellery, which does not use strong adhesives at all, only wood glue. The jewelry has a wooden surface on the back against the skin.

Delivered in a jewelry box.

Material: Finnish birch

Manufacturing: all work steps are done by hand in Oulainen, Finland. The jewelry is made by Pitja Simi.

The most beautiful things are usually much closer than you realize. They can bring a lot of joy, help you discover a whole new insight and your own personal style. 

- Pitja Simi


Please be aware that it may take a few days for the products to be manufactured.

Why is this jewelry a more ecological choice?

Jewelry is locally produced at its best. The wood used in the jewelery is a surplus of the Finnish carpenter, so no new wood is needed and at the same time the already felled wood is used more efficiently.

Jewelry is made by hand, so the energy consumption in the manufacture is very low.

What about ethics?

The product, made in Finland, supports Finnish entrepreneurship and handicrafts, which are already rare. Pitu Woodelllery products have the Key Flag logo. 

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