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  • Miiko small shoulder bag in black deerskin
  • Miiko Design handy shoulder bag in leather
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Miiko Design

Shoulder bag Hidden, deer leather

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Hidden is an ubiquitous bag for a black friend.

The deer-skinned Piilo bag has two pockets with a matte black zipper and also a zippered secret pocket between them.

The bag has space for a mobile phone, wallet, keys and other important items. The leather is thick, but at the same time particularly supple and soft.

Size: 22,5 x 14 cm. Olkahbelt length about 125cm.

Material: 100% deer leather. 

Manufacturing: The leather is worked and the bag is sewn in Finland.

Why is this bag a more ecological choice?

  • Local production. Leather is a nearby material from deer living in the Nordic forests, and all work steps are done in Finland. 
  • Resistance. Thick leather is an exceptionally durable material with a long service life.

What about ethics?

Deer skin is not an efficient product, but the skin is from wild animals caught under state regulation to deplete the deer population. The leather is by-product of strain thinning.