Shoulder Bag Hidden, Miiko Design

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Hidden is an ubiquitous bag for a black friend.

The deer-skinned Piilo bag has two pockets with a matte black zipper and also a zippered secret pocket between them.

The bag holds space for a cell phone, wallet, keys and other important items. 

Size: 22,5 x 14 cm. Olkahbelt length about 125cm.

Material: The leather comes from deer walking in the Nordic forests. Nahka is obtained as a by-product of state-regulated deer population thinningWhile the leather is thick, it is also particularly soft.

Manufacturing: The leather is worked and the bag is sewn in Finland.

Why is this bag a more ecological choice?

  • No power produced material. A deer is a wild animal whose population is regulated by hunting. Leather is a by-product of strain thinning. 
  • Local production. Leather is a nearby material from deer living in the Nordic forests, and all work steps are done in Finland. 
  • Resistance. Thick leather is an exceptionally durable material with a long service life.