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TAUKO Design

Stylish T-shirt, black

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A neat t-shirt in a classic feminine style. The boat neckline and shoulder pleat give the shirt a beautiful fit and a finished look. 

Material: 58% viscose, 38% Lyocell Refibra, 4% elastane. 

Viscose and Lyocell Refibra fibers are made from natural materials. The finished knit thus has the comfort of using natural materials. 

Manufacture: Cut and sen in Loksa, Estonia.

Also available white option.

Why is this a greener option?

Knitwear is a surplus of Finnish textile production. Material produced using surplus batches can be utilized more efficiently.

Lyocell is produced using Refibra technology, which is made by combining recycled cotton with its wood pulp. Creating a new fiber from textile waste promotes the circular economy of fashion while reducing the amount of textile waste. 

What about ethics?

Knitwear is a Finnish production and the garment is made in Estonia, where legislation provides for adequate pay, occupational safety and working conditions.


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