Wrap Shirt Physa, black. TAUKO Design

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A sculptural wrap shirt is always a stylish smart casual choice. Also suitable for parties. This will be your credit garment for years to come!

Material: 60% cotton, 40% polyester.

Manufacture: Design and recycling of material made in Finland. Cut and sewn in Loksa, Estonia.

A wrap-around shirt is also available blue color option

Why is this garment a more ecological choice?

Making a new fabric always consumes natural resources. For the manufacture of this garment, rented textiles that have been discarded in Finland have been utilized, ie finished fabric, and no new fabric has been needed at all. At the same time, discarded textiles have gained more life as clothing.

Manufacturing discarded rental textiles into clothing produces an even smaller carbon footprint than incineration as waste.

What do we know about product ethics?

The garment is manufactured locally in Finland and Estonia, taking care adequate pay, occupational safety and working conditions.

Elli Leppiniemi also styled five different outfits from this shirt:




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