Shirt, black. Pure Waste

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Collar shirt with chest pocket. Black but casual in style due to its material.

Material: 70% recycled cotton, 30% recycled polyester

The material used is cutting waste from the clothing industry, which is processed into new yarn with recycled polyester. The production of a new fabric therefore does not require any new material. The fibers are sorted by color and therefore no dyeing is required. 

Water footprint: 1.9 liters (99% less than similar products made of new material).

Carbon footprint: 1.7 kg CO2e (50% less than similar products made of new material).

Made responsibly in Tiruppur, India. Read More

In the size chart, the dimensions are those of the garment. Half chest is used because it is easy to measure from something already found in the closet for the sake of comparison.

Blue color option