Sweatshirt unisex, off-white. Pure Waste

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A neat college shirt that is suitable for all situations. Round neckline and raglan sleeves. Elasticated hem and cuffs.

Material: 60% recycled cotton,  40% recycled polyester

The material used is cutting waste from the clothing industry, which is processed into new yarn with recycled polyester. The production of a new fabric therefore does not require any new material. The fibers are sorted by color and therefore no dyeing is required. 

Water footprint: 2.8 liters (99% less than similar products made of new material).

Carbon footprint: 2,5 kg CO2e (50% less than similar products made of new material).

Made responsibly in Tiruppur, India. Read more about manufacturing.

The dimensions in the size chart are measured on the garment. A half chest circumference is used because it is easy to measure from something already found in the closet for the sake of comparison.

Black color option

Blue color option