Pasta pads 2 pcs, Piece of Jeans
Pasta pads 2 pcs, Piece of Jeans
Pasta pads 2 pcs, Piece of Jeans

Pasta pads 2 pcs, Piece of Jeans

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The pot made of recycled jeans is suitable for cooking and table setting.

Made using the back pockets of jeans, which allows it to be used both as a pot glove and as a saucer. Suitable for both men and women. "Easy to pour water out of a potato or pasta pot or lift the damper out of the oven"

Many layers have been sewn into the pot, thanks to which it is very heat resistant.

The round edge of the textile is followed by a diagonal strip and a hanging tape, so you can also conveniently hang on the glove.

Size: diameter 20cm, fits under even larger pots or pans. 

Material: reused, washed and disinfected jeans.

The pot gloves purchased by the pair are both unique individuals, and in accordance with the color chosen in the shopping cart. You can choose a shade from four different options: dark blue, light blue, black or gray. 

Care instructions: Food splashes come, but they are easy to wash off. It is best to leave the dirt fresh. If possible, wash by hand, hand washing promotes the longevity of the product. Machine wash at 40 degrees is also possible. Wash with denim products of the same color, no fabric softener, and no tumble dryer. 

Country of completion: Poland (EU)

Delivered by letter mail.