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Pure Waste Textiles

Striped college unisex, LAB collection

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The Pure Waste LAB collection is a special batch made by reusing test wires. In this way, no textile waste is generated from the production, even from the test laboratory.

Color: off-white with dark blue stripes. Teardrop-shaped spots on the elbows.

Material: 60% recycled cotton from clothing industry cutting waste, 40% recycled polyester from recycled plastic bottles

Why is this garment a more ecological option?

The production of new material always consumes natural resources. Using 100% recycled material with the Pure Waste method produces 99% less water footprint and 50% less carbon footprint than a similar product made from a new raw material.


Production is GRS certified (Global Recycled Standard).

What about ethics then?

Employees are paid a living wage that exceeds the minimum wage. The employees are of legal age and everyone has an employment contract, as well as access to healthcare and commuting. Working hours and occupational safety are taken care of. 

Read More From the manufacture of Pure Waste products.


In the size chart, the dimensions are those of the garment. Half chest is used because it is easy to measure from something already found in the closet for the sake of comparison.