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  • Black backpack with cognac brown details. Made in Finland.
  • Black backpack domestic Design. OTHER
  • Stylish black backpack, Finnish design.
  • Black backpack on the back. Inside the backpack is a padded computer pocket.
  • High quality black backpack made in Finland.
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Backpack Ahti | black

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The long-awaited novelty color, black, is here! You can choose the backpack either in full black or with cognac brown details.

Ahti is a durable, handmade backpack. 

  • adjustable strong shoulder straps
  • closed by rolling the mouth of the backpack and tightening the straps
  • padded computer pocket inside (25 cm x 34 cm)
  • front zip pocket
  • inside two small open pockets inside

Size: 39-47 cm X 28 cm X 11 cm

Capacity: 14,5 liters


The fabric is a high-quality and sustainable surplus of the Finnish furniture industry. The fabric has been treated with an environmentally friendly biodegradable and non-fluorocarbon impregnant before sewing to improve the dirt and water repellency of the backpacks.

The computer pocket is padded with a used travel mattress and the bag is lined with a reused fabric. The sole reinforcement is made of faux leather.


Manufactured by Annika Fuhrmann in Suomenlinna. NOTE! Be prepared to wait 3-4 weeks for your backpack to complete.

Why is this a greener option?

The fabrics of the backpacks are in surplus, so that a very durable and high-quality upholstery fabric can be used efficiently. The durable fabric creates a long-lasting product for your use. The backpack also utilizes used camping mattresses and lining fabrics. 

Each backpack is made to order. No unnecessary stock is created, as each backpack is made according to the customer's color wishes.

What about ethics?

MUUTE's bags are handmade in Finland. By purchasing domestic, you support Finnish small business and craft know-how.