T-shirt mustard yellow, Globe Hope

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The women's t-shirt has a casual cut without sleeve seams, so the shirt descends beautifully from the shoulders. Front print _rethink_. The print is fire-printed and the fabric is translucent when printed.

The material of the mustard shirt is mottled, meaning the color is not even yellow.

Material: 60% recycled cotton, 40% recycled polyester. Cotton raw material is industrial cutting waste and polyester comes from recycled plastic bottles. 

Manufacture: The yarn is manufactured in India, under the innovative and controlled process of the Finnish Pure Waste Textiles Oy. The garments are sewn in Bangladesh and the whole production process is GRS certified. "Global Recycled Standard" certification ensures the origin of recycled materials and closely monitors the flow of material from start to finish. The certificate also ensures social and environmental conditions, as well as the safe use of chemicals.

The clothing production process takes place in cooperation with a reliable partner and the process is closely monitored from the yarn to the import of the clothes. 

Black and white color option