Trench coat cantaloupe, TAUKO Design

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This jacket gives energy and joy!

Minimalist and timeless, freshly colored trench coat. Zip fastening is a convenient, modern addition. The jacket is A-line and spacious.

  • inside pocket
  • a belt
  • side pockets

Material: Reused textiles from Finland and Germany.

Material content: 60% recycled cotton, 40% recycled polyester. Lining 100% recycled polyester. Due to its durability, the mixture material is a long-lasting choice.

Manufacture: Design and material recycling in Finland. Cut and sewn in Tallinn. 

A delightful choice!

Jacket also available blue.

A trench coat can also be found Rental Service from the selection in size SL.

Add TAUKO Designn innovative recycling concept