Large computer bag made of belts Globe Hope
Globe Hope's large computer bag is made of seat belts
Globe Hope Large computer bag made of recycled material
Globe Hope laptop bag is made of seatbelts

Big computer belt bag, Globe Hope

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A stylish and high-quality computer bag is a good gift for a graduate, for example.

The loaf is the largest bag in the seat belt series that can hold even a large laptop.

The Loska computer bag is made from recycled seat belts and army bag fabric. The sides of the slip are made of army bag fabric, ie thick cotton, and inside there is a separate pocket for a computer and a smaller open pocket. The shoulder strap of the bag must be adjusted and removed.

The bag was designed by Anssi Ruokokoski. The bag is sewn in Finland. The material is sorted and cleaned in Finland.

Size: 42 x 29 x 7 cm

Model name: Loska