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  • Midihame leotard. Joshua waist and side pockets. Brown.
  • Tricot skirt with pockets. Comfortable midi size and elastic waist.
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Globe Hope

Tricot brown

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Casual midi skirt. The waistband and pockets make the skirt comfortable to wear.

The brown color is slightly mottled, which means that the color tone is vivid. 

Material: 60% recycled cotton, 40% recycled polyester. Country of origin India.

Country of manufacture: Bangladesh

Why is this a greener option?

  • 100% recycled material is quite a rare case! Cotton raw material is industrial cutting waste and polyester comes from recycled plastic bottles. No new textile raw material is needed to make the garment.
  • The yarn is manufactured under the innovative and controlled process of the Finnish Pure Waste Textiles Oy. 
  • The entire production process is GRS certified. "Global Recycled Standard" certification ensures the origin of recycled materials and closely monitors the material from start to finish, ensuring social and environmental conditions and the safe use of chemicals.

What about ethics?

  • Sewers are paid compensation in accordance with local law, but well above the minimum wage. The basic salary of a seamstress corresponds, for example, to the local salaries of the following professional groups: accountant, receptionist, mechanic or kindergarten teacher.
  • Social and ethical responsibility certificates also guide the use of workspaces and safe working conditions, from individual work tasks to broader evacuation plans. 

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