Unique handmade leather bag, Roihuvuoren Nahka

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Guaranteed unique, handmade and painted leather bag. The bag has been designed, manufactured and painted by Antti / Roihuvuoren Nahka, In Helsinki.

Light, undyed skin patches brown over time.

The bag easily holds a laptop and the bag is light to carry due to its size. Straps long enough make carrying on the shoulder effortless.

  • Bag size W: 38cm W: 38cm W: 14cm
  • inner pocket 25 cm x 15cm
  • key chain inside
  • no lining

    Material: vegetable tanned leather, food industry surplus. Thickness 1,5 mm and belt thickness 2,5 mm. The country of origin of the leather is English. Hand dyed in Finland.

    Vegetable tanned leather is more ecological and valuable than chrome tanned. Vegetable tanned leather will only become more beautiful when gaining patina and character over years and even decades.

    The product has a repair guarantee in the event of its normal use.

    Care instructions for the skin.

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