Sweater black and purple, Hat Farm

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The sweater keeps the ears warm.

The collars are hand-knitted by table-top hat grandmothers and each is signed by their creator. The material is Finnish sheep's organic wool and all work steps are done in Finland. So real local production!

The wool is hand-dyed at Myssyfarm’s production facilities. Hand dyeing gives the wool a vibrant and deep color tone. The processing of wool preserves its natural fat, lanolin, which makes wool water and dirt repellent.

The width of the collar is about 14 cm.

Material: 100% Finnish sheep organic wool. Country of origin Finland

Country of manufacture: Finland

One size. The collar stretches and shapes to fit the wearer's head.

Note! If you wish, you will receive a gift box with the collar. Then put a message as a gift In the Shopping Cart Special Instructions for the Seller section. 

The collar will be mailed as a letter.

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